No More SAT or ACT Says U of R

June 14, 2019

written by jazzy t

Do you want to apply to college but believe you can’t because you never took the ACT or SAT?

Forget about it! You can apply for classes this Fall without submitting any standardized test scores!

Actually, the admissions office at the University of Rochester hasn’t required SAT/ACT test scores since 2011, but they did make you show other tests like the Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams.

Vice Provost Jonathan Burdick at U of R announced Thursday that in Fall of 2020, you can now choose to be evaluated on other merits like high school grades, essays and contributions to the community.

“Even well-constructed tests don’t lead to better decisions, and the cost to students having to take and submit those extra exams outweighs any benefit to us,” Burdick said.

Nazareth College also doesn’t require standardized test results for its admissions process.

So go ahead and apply for college!

– Jazzy T
Michigan State University
Class of 2004

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