NFL Player Drops Buc’s On The Table

So a Tampa Bay Buccaneer player made Christmas Eve a little better for a whole team of Applebee’s employees this year by dropping them buck’s, a whole stack of bucks!! 

The Buccaneer’s defensive tackle Sealver Siliga left a $1,000 tip at an Applebee’s restaurant on Christmas Eve for the entire staff.

Even after the loss to the Carolina Panthers Sealver was in all about the spirit of giving.

After he got the bill Sealver asked the manager how many people were still working because he wanted to tip everyone who was in the building at that time $100.

It was around 10pm on the eve of Christmas. So they all received a good ole $100 tip!!

Clearly Sealver will be on Santa’s nice list for a while lol.

Source: TMZ