NFL Buffalo Bills Lost The Game, But Won “In The Process”

January 5, 2020

So the Buffalo Bills lost in a heartbreaking game in Houston to the Texans (22-19) in overtime on Saturday.
Even in those hours of misery in which no words can really console and make Bills fans feel better, something happen in the second NFL Wild Card game that may have put everything into perspective.

The New England Patriots (The team of the last decade)  Lost at home to Tennessee Titans (21-13)
Why is this good news for the Bills? Because because two things happen the Bills, Who played New England extremely tough this season, got a taste of the playoffs again. Making it two out of the last three years and the Patriots have experienced what all dynasties have it’s called, “The Fall.”

Aaahh yes, the eventual “Fall”,  it happens to everyone and everything that is great. Some way or another good things will end. I also believe bad will end and good times are on the way. Which is why I believe the Buffalo Bills are heading down that path.
With all the speculation of whether or not Tom Brady has played his final game in New England, which would mean the Patriots would be in rebuild mode. And the Buffalo Bills are in the process of rebuilding, and looking to improve their team, you add on avenging their close loss to the Houston Texans this weekend? It all makes for July at St. John Fisher to be filled with expectations from fans and puts the rest of NFL on notice.
Josh Allen will learn from his mistakes in the Texans game. And I believe Buffalo has the advantage over the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins in rebuilding. And if Tom Brady doesn’t come back to New England, only the genius of Bill Belichick is in the way of beating them out for the AFC East title next season.

So yes bills fans you did have a chance to win the game against the Houston Texans and you did let the momentum get away from you. But from this day on you now have a team motivated to not only win in the playoffs next year but to go deep. 

From where the organization was four years ago to where you are now. Head coach Sean McDermott has change the culture, mindset and DNA of the Buffalo Bills. Who are now, the poster team for trusting the process.

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