New York Has Lowest Death Rate Since March 21

June 23, 2020

On Monday, officials from the Governor’s office reported that the State of New York is continuing to make great strides against COVID-19.

Statistics show that just 10 New Yorkers have passed away from the coronavirus on Sunday, marking the lowest number statewide since March 21st.

Of the 56,780 tests for COVID-19, only 552 came back positive, which is less than 1%.

In a press release, the Governor said:

“In New York, we’ve been following the science and the data and the metrics from day one. We have the best numbers that we’ve had since this started today in New York. Yesterday, we only had ten deaths, down from a high of 800. We have about 1,000 people in our hospitals, which is one of the lowest numbers we’ve had since this began. Because of the changes New Yorkers made, we now have the lowest transmission rate in the United States of America.”


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