New York COVID Expenses Are Rising

August 29, 2021

At the end of October, dozens of insurance companies will again require copays for Coronavirus hospital stays and testing. In the early days of the pandemic, insurers limited out-of-pocket expenses for anyone diagnosed and hospitalized with COVID through cost-sharing waivers, but this will no longer be the case, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

According to the Associate Director of KFF, Krutika Amin, stated: “More recently, as COVID vaccines have become available, and at no cost to people, the environment has sort of shifted…Insurance companies are phasing out the cost-sharing waiver regardless of people’s vaccination status…Insurers and health plans are not allowed to charge people a higher amount if they’re unvaccinated – but, employers may impose a higher cost to people if they’re unvaccinated.”

Source: 13 WHAM

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