New Vaccine Incentive for Teens: College Scholarship

May 27, 2021

New York Governor Cuomo announced a new incentive for the vaccine.  The State is now offering 50 Full Ride College Scholarships to children 12+ who receive their first dose of the Pfizer shot.

10 kids will be selected randomly every week for 5 weeks starting May 27.

The prize includes tuition, room & board, books and supplies.

Kids who have already received a vaccine are also eligible, Cuomo said.

After getting a shot, those who want to enter the raffle must fill out a form at


I wonder how many people go around collecting all these free vaccination goodies?

Donuts, Vaxx N Scratch Lottery ticket, mask-free baseball games outside, a happy meal, admittance onto college campus and a couple tickets to a NYS Park.

Its the Free Coffee for me