New Rent Relief Bill In NYS Senate That Would Allow Up To $100 Million In Funds

May 27, 2020

There is a new bill in the New York State Senate committee that would help with rent if passed. The program would provide relief from individuals impacted by the coronavirus.

The Emergency Rent Relief Act includes up to $100 million in relief funds from federal COVID-19 aid and the CARES act. However, you will have to qualify to get the the help.

If the Rent Relief bill passes you would be able to receive assistance if your income is below 80% of the median income where you live. You must have paid more than 30% of your income in rent prior to March 7,2020 when you apply. You also must have lost your income between the 7th of March and when you apply.

The Emergency Rent Relief Act would then provide rental assistance vouchers to landlords for tenants who qualify.

We will keep you updated on if this bill passes in the Senate or not.

You can read it in full by clicking The Emergency Rent Relief Act 

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