New Movie Being Filmed at LeRoy Jell-O Factory

April 12, 2021

A new movie titled ‘As I Lie Awake’ is being filmed at LeRoy Jell-O Factory. This film has more ties to Western New York than just it’s location. The Director Ben Tomson is a Genesee County native who thought the Jell-O Factory would make the perfect setting. ‘As I Lie Awake’ is a horror film that follows a man who can’t distinguish between his nightmares and reality. Tomson filmed part of the teaser this past Friday. What distinguishes his film is that it will be shot on Kodak film.

In a quote by Ben Tomson, he stated “I think people get very excited since it’s shot on Kodak film. Because we’re doing it on Super 16 – a lot of people grew up around that.”

Source: 13 Wham

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