New Life Is Coming To The Former Irondequoit Mall

January 23, 2020

The town of Irondequoit has finally done something with the former ghost mall.
The former mall that was last known as the Medley Center, will now be called Skyview On The Ridge.  It will serve as the town of Irondequoit’s new community center that will offer fitness and other recreational programs for people of all ages.
Last summer the town of Irondequoit residents approved a $9.5 million budget for the Skyview In The Ridge project.
Now a little history lesson about the Skyview On The Ridge location it was originally named the Irondequoit mall and it open nearly 30 years ago back on March 1st in 1990. The Irondequoit mall was Rochester’s largest mall at the time and was very popular back in the 90’s. Towards the late 90’s early 2000’s the mall began to take a dark turn and eventually became a ghost town.
Years later someone bought the mall and tried to reinvent the wheel but it didn’t work. So for the last several years the mall just sat empty.
Now with the support of state and local government officials the former mall now has a bright future ahead.

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