New Eviction Legislation By Mayor Lovely Warren To Be Presented To City Council

August 19, 2020

Mayor Lovely Warren has put together new programs that will help to prevent city residents from being evicted. She will present the new legislation to City Council Tuesday.

The coronavirus has affected many city residents financially from the loss of income due to being out of work. Because of this Mayor Warren created programs that would allot $2.8 million to city residents who need help with rent. The goal of the legislation is to prevent people and families from becoming homeless and recover from evictions due to the pandemic.

Funding for the programs would come from the CARES Act.

The state moratorium put in place by Gov. Cuomo ends September 6th which means landlords could begin to evict residents.

Some of the other help through the legislation by Mayor Warren is presenting is the Right To Counsel which is a pilot program. It would connect people to legal services if they are facing eviction. $460,000 would be set aside for this program. To get more information on this pilot program call 232-3051 or click here.

If you need rent assistance you can call Catholic Family Center’s Rental Assistance program 232-2050.

And for landlords, you can apply for the new Landlord Reimbursement Grant Program-COVID Response. The city launched the new grant program available to residential property owners in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The grant will allow up to $2,000 in reimbursements for cosmetic repairs and maintenance to prepare a vacant unit for rental so there is no shortage of housing. Click here for applications and more information.


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