Netflix Is Bringing Back All Your Favorite Black Sitcoms

August 2, 2020

Get ready because Netflix is bring it back all the Black classic sitcoms from back in the day.

Starting August 1st all the classic Black sitcoms you grew up on will be back on and at your demand. Do you remember all the shows that used to come on networks like UPN the WB and BET? Now they’re all available to stream!
The following classic Black sitcoms on Netflix are
1. Moesha – 1st
2.The Game season 1-3 – August 15th
3.Sister Sister – September 1st
4.Girlfriends – September 11th
5.The Parkers – October 1st
6.Half & Half – October 15th
7.One On One – October 15th
It would’ve been dope if Netflix would’ve brought back The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Martin Lawrence Show, The Wayans Brothers, and Living Single.
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