Nelly’s Upcoming Concert Receives Criticism

July 29, 2021

Next month, Texas-born rapper Nelly is scheduled to perform on August 23 in Coeur d’Alene. This show is located at the North Idaho State Fair. While many may be excited about this concert, some in the town are appalled by his upcoming appearance, labeling Nelly’s music as “vulgar.”

An email chain titled “Woah Nelly” has circulated with several people “appalled by the actions of the fair board in selecting rapper entertainment for the fair,” according to KPVI. Duane Rasmussen, who is a part of the email chain stated; “Perhaps the North Idaho Fair Board has already made enough money on ticket sales to the denizens of Seattle and Portland to ignore any boycott attempt…Collecting money through ticket sales to people who live in CHAZ and CHOP might just help us get past the financial difficulties of the last year but is that what we are willing to sell our cultural souls for?”

On the flip side, Rev. Van Noy, pastor of Candlelight Christian Fellowship Church, says that he and Coeur d’Alene’s mayor Steve Widmyer have been receiving calls from people who believe Nelly is being discriminated against because of his race. Van Noy stated; “This I find appalling! To judge a person based upon their ethnicity is condemned in Scripture and is an insult to our Creator. have been asked for help in navigating through what may harm the local community reputation — and I will.”

Source: BET