Mysterious Object Falls From Sky And Lands Next To Home

November 21, 2020

Tully Begay, the vice president of the Navajo Nation tribe’s Dennehotso Chapter said an object fell from the sky and landed about 1,200 feet from his home while he was away in Tuba City.

His friends and family called around 1 pm to say that they saw something crash and that they had pictures and video.

The object in the photo was grey and had what looked like 4 solar panels. There was also an orange object nearby that looked like a parachute.

Later that day, the Navajo Police Department confirmed that they had received reports of an unknown object falling from the sky.

Nobody knows what caused the object to crash, but the wreckage was released to employees from a company called Polar Field Services, which is based in Colorado and specializes in providing logistics and support for expeditions to locations in extreme climates.

USA Today

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