Mullets Making A Come Back And Schools Banning The Hairstyle

April 1, 2021

Well, this is interesting a school is banning mullets.

There is a school in Australia that is banning mullets and any other “non-conventional” hairstyles.

Apparently, mullets are making a come back in Australia, and Trinity College is not having it. The school is an all-boys school and the new school outline states how the students are to wear their hair while attending the school.

Along with mullets, they can not wear mohawks, rattails, top knots aka man buns, and any hair that covers the students’ ears. The outline state they must have their hair neat and combed.

Trinity College is not the only school that has a ban on mullets in Australia.

I never thought I would see a day where mullets would for one make a comeback and then be banned. At least this time it wasn’t about dreads.

What do you consider “clean-cut” and if you ran a school or business would you ban certain hairstyles or have a dress code?

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