Most Wanted Female Finally Captured

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It seems like someone may have been watching too many Lifetime movies; and we know those don’t always end well …especially forTexan woman, Brenda Delgado,  who fled to Mexico after her murder blueprint was executed by hired hit-men.

Delgado orchestrated to have her ex-boyfriend’s new lover killed after she found out the two were planning a “baecation” to Mexico.

For months she sat and contemplated the perfect time to have her devious plan executed, and on September 2nd Delgado’s “romantic rival” was gun down in her apartment complex’s parking garage by the two hired accomplices.

After she was brought in for questioning, Delgado immediately fled the country, but was captured on April 8th, and charged with capital murder.

Mexico is opposed to the death penalty, so in order for Mexican authorities to hand Delgado over, an agreement had to be made between them and Texan officials to not have Delgado put to death, but sentenced to life in prison instead.




Racqui B