Monroe County Proposed Law Offers 10% Tax Exemption to Volunteer First Responders

January 14, 2022

Monroe County legislators have proposed a new law that offers up to a 10% exemption on property taxes for the volunteer fire department and ambulance service members. The county legislators, Paul Dondorfer (R) and John Baynes (D) are the ones who are leading the bipartisan effort to give back to the volunteers. This new legislation has already been passed by the state, and now needs the vote from Monroe County. It is set to take place on February 8th.

County Legislator Paul Dondorfer stated: “In a time where everyone is looking for workers and these people are volunteering their time, I think it is important for us to give back to them in any way we have the ability to do so.” County Legislator John Baynes continued by stating: “If we don’t do something to keep them recruit and retain, we are going to lose them and we are going to regret it on so many levels, financial social, etc.”

Source: 13 WHAM

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