May 27, 2020

George Floyd was his name.
The FBI is investigating the death of an unarmed and handcuffed man in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A police officer was seen leaning on his neck with his knee while the man exclaimed repeatedly, “Please, I can’t breathe. My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts. They’re going to kill me.”
This incident occurred on Monday, May 25th (Memorial Day).
Police were said to have been responding to an ongoing forgery. Once locating the man they believed to be intoxicated, they approached him at his vehicle. In a news conference following the incident, a police station spokesperson said the man “physically resisted cops”. The statement goes on to say they discovered the suspect was suffering from medical problems.
Tuesday, May 26th, the four officers involved were fired. This decision came after the video surfaced on social media of the man, identified as George Floyd, telling officers he couldn’t breathe with his face in the ground.