Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Gives Candid Interview to Oprah Winfrey

February 13, 2020

Even former presidents can be reduced to tears, according to Michelle Obama. What prompts Barack Obama to start “that loud ugly cry” is the realization that his daughters are growing up and moving onward. Mrs. Obama notes that both she and her husband “bawl like babies” when they have to get in cars or board planes to leave their daughters who head in different directions as they continue to find their own ways in life.

Growing up in the media spotlight when their dad was in the White House (and even after he left office) creates a different type of challenge for these young ladies than what others their ages face. As Mrs. Obama tells Oprah, she continues to underscore to her daughters the importance of forging their own paths instead of defining themselves by the choices made by anyone else.

In another part of her interview, Mrs. Obama says she’s not entertaining the advice of others who would like to see her enter the political arena. She chooses instead to use her own platform to inspire future leaders by empowering young people with values and principles that help shape this country’s direction.

Oprah’s interview with Michelle Obama airs on February 12 at 8:00 p.m. on Oprah’s Facebook Channel.

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