Quincy Jones Gives Us ALL The Tea In The Jaw Dropping Interview With David Marchese

Legendary Quincy Jones spilled ALL the entertainment industry tea in an interview he did with New York Magazine’s David Marchese. Pick a flavor, sit back, grab the popcorn and read! 

There isn’t much to say because Mr. Jones literally say’s it all about everyone from Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendricks, John F. Kennedy, The Beatles, Donald Trump, to Ivanka Trump.

When asked what artists today does good work he answered Bruno Mars, Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar because he is grounded and he likes where his mind is, and Ed Sheeran. Mr. Jones also mentioned Sam Smith and he loves the fact that he is openly gay.

When asked about the sound of music as far as production today Quincy said there is nothing new and that the producers are lazy and greedy!

Oh and what Mr. Jones said about Richard Pryor having sex with Marlon Brando was confirmed by his widow Jennifer Pryor in a tweet saying “Hey girl: It was the 70’s: enough cocaine and good music-one could f*** a radiator and send it flowers in the morning! #noshame“ and then via TMZ.

Like I said pick a flavor and be careful to sip slow the tea is hot!!

To read the entire article click Quincy Jones, In Conversation by New York Magazine’s David Marchese.