Metaverse Architect Explains NFTs & Crypto Currency [AUDIO]

January 7, 2022

All this week, 103.9 WDKX and Jazzy T are helping you prepare for the new virtual reality known as the Metaverse.

Jazzy T in the Metaverse

Even though it may seem like a far-away fantasy land dreamed up by the makers of Facebook, the Metaverse is already here and you need to be prepared to take advantage of it.

Just like anything on the Internet, most people are consumers, but the early adopters have a chance to be investors, innovators and influencers.

We want our community to be included in the latter group. So grab your note pad (or app) and get ready to learn a few things from a Metaverse Architect known simply as Dot Com. 

Ready to go even deeper down the rabbit hole.

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