Merry Christmas Too Me! Adults Are Buying Toys For Themselves

December 21, 2022

Are you a “kidults”?  What is that? Adults who buy toys for themselves. They makes up at least 25% of toy consumers and has the industry marketing more and more products to adults looking for some nostalgia from their youth. A report by the market research company NPD Group found that people ages 12 and over spend about $9 billion annually on toys ranging from board games to “Star Wars” figurines, according to CNBC. In the past year ending in September, “kidults” have accounted for 60% of the growth in the industry despite accounting for only a quarter of sales, according to NPD. From adult Happy Meals to a new “Barbie” movie coming out next year, nostalgia has been a driving force. Another key factor is adults looking for a stress reliever that reminds them of their carefree youth. Click Here To Read More.

Source: CNBC/Yahoo

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