January 15, 2020

Things are happening in and outside of Silicon Valley these days that are pretty effin’ major!
There’s sort of a tech start-up place in San Francisco now where inventors provide a temporary tattoo that can be used at your discretion as to what diagnosis YOU prefer it to reveal on information about your health? This goes BEYOND medication. Uhh…never said this before but, now I want a tattoo??
SN: I will but, I don’t like going to the doctor (trust issues, ya know). Nobody’s perfect. The world is flawed and take everything with a grain of salt buuuuut, I just realized, I kinda trust technology more than a human being. ((?)) <– emoji saying, I’m not even certain about THAT.
Yeah.. I’m usually buggin.
Anyway, this next generation of tattoos is incorporated with technology that communicates with digital devices you already use. Sources say, each tat can last up to two weeks for proper data assessment.
Enough. I’ve said too much. Go check out National Geographic’s “The World According To Jeff Goldblum” – Available on #DisneyPlus . It will either calm your nerves or work em??

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