Marshawn Lynch Football Camp Altercation (Video)

August 6, 2019

Written by DJ Sight

A mom was unhappy with NFL superstar Marshawn Lynch because of the way he talked to her son on the field.

Clearly the mom doesn’t understand the aggressive nature of football, especially when it comes to coaching kids. 

A video that circulated on the internet shows Lynch and a mom having a conversation about the conflict.

Now the mom believes Lynch to be sexist because when he approached her he asked her if she came to the camp with a man.

Personally, when I listened to the full context of the conversation I didn’t feel as if his comment was sexist in nature. I felt that Marshawn Lynch asked her this question because he believed whoever she came with would have been able to better explain what he was doing on the field with the kids. 

See the tense conversation between Lynch and the mom below:

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