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Streaming Ad Banner


Ad space available on the Live Stream page, billed weekly.

Streaming Audio Ad


Audio ad exclusively aired on the WDKX live stream Mon-Sun 6a-12a – solid in packs of 5

Main Page Ad


Homepage carousel ad that is auto billed weekly.

Popup Ad


Full screen ad that pops open as before the user exists the site or page. Option for $35/week auto billing.

Pushdown Ad


A banner atop each page that is shown as a teaser and then can pull down to a full screen experience. Option for $35/week auto billing.

Article Specific Ads


100% of the ad space above a specific article or articles based on keywords.

Podcast Sponsorship


Intro and sign off plus one in program sponsorship mention.



Interview Opportunity at $50/20 MIN.

Sponsored Blog Post


We Publish YOUR post – must receive approval.

Site Takeover


Site wide experience. Custom graphics displayed on all pages along the edges of the site and top banner.



Share your message with a creative social media post.



Share your message with new audience members.



Social media endorsement.



Share your content with our network.

Business Listing


Listing on WDKX.com complete with business contact information. Monthly billing available at $10/month

Podcast Ad


15sec ad during podcast – sold in packs of 5 only.