Lyft and Uber Offering Deals To Encourage Voting In Election Day

September 17, 2020

On Election Day, Lyft is offering 50% off a ride with the code “2020VOTE.”  The discount only includes a single ride and it caps at $10 off the total. The ride-sharing company also announced that it’s partnering with nonprofit organizations through the LyftUp program to offer more free and discounted rides to communities with limited access to affordable transportation. Lyft offered something similar for the 2018 midterms, but this time the discount includes renting bikes and scooters in select cities.

Uber, made a similar announcement this week. Uber’s program includes assistance with voter registration through the app. Plus, possibility of free pizza delivered to you in a voting line through Uber Eats. Uber has discounted rides on election day as well, but didn’t offer specifics on the deal. Click Here To Read More.

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