Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Is Back And Yes, Kirk Is The Baby Daddy

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta new season kicked off Monday night and #frontliners it looks like it’s going to be quite entertaining and of course, drama filled.  

If you have kept up on LHHATL then you know we left off last season wondering if Kirk Frost had a baby outside of his wife Rasheeda with the stripper Jasmine. To take the paternity test or nah was the question we were left with…

Cliffhanger, fast forward to this season (gotta love Mona Scott Young) Kirk FINALLY decided to take the test and he is, in fact, the father of Jasmine’s son Kannon.

We all pretty much knew he was but he confirmed it on last nights episode.

Rasheeda and Kirk are allegedly “separated” but Kirk is trying to get back in the home he built for 2 years. Clips from next week show Kirk moving his stuff in…

According to the rumor mill Kirk and Rasheed are the highest paid on the show which means the show MUST go on and Jasmine is going right along with it getting her coins.

Not saying the story isn’t real Kirk definitely got the girl pregnant but some fans say Kirk and Rasheeda have reconciled.

Are ya’ll buying this storyline #frontliners??