Lollypop Farm Is Looking For Forever Homes During Adopt-a-Dog Month

October 14, 2020

Lollypop Farm in Fairport is celebrating National Adopt-a-Dog Month by reaching out to Rochester residents who have a home for a dog in need.

Some animals brought in to Lollypop dealt with abuse or neglect in the past or have common and trainable behavior challenges like separation anxiety, timidness, high-energy and an inability to socialize with other pets.

While these can be hard to overcome at first, it’s well worth the work and the pets can make amazing family members.

Ashley Zeh, a spokesperson for Lollypop Farm said:

“Pets with behavioral challenges may not always put their best paw forward. Just as people come in a variety of backgrounds and characteristics, so do animals. Not every dog is perfect for every home — but families come in all different shapes and sizes. At Lollypop Farm, it’s about helping these dogs find the home that will understand their needs and help them work through challenges together as a family.”