Local group helps Rochester woman and her family find shelter

January 28, 2020

A Rochester woman and her family are not sleeping in their car in the cold anymore, thanks to a local organization. The Open Door Mission helped Jessica Lane and her three children find shelter by placing them in a hotel and provided them with food and clothing.

Lane and her children lived out of their car, driving around looking for somewhere to stay and taking showers at friends’ houses for several days. Lane was evicted from her apartment, saying that the landlord served her with an eviction notice and kicked her out both on the same day. He also changed the lock with all of the family’s belongings inside. The Open Door Mission was able to help Lane and her family get their belongings out of the apartment on Saturday.

The landlord commented to a news outlet that Lane was three months behind on rent. He would not comment on whether he evicted the family on the same day he served papers. Lane stated that the landlord also blamed her for an electrical fire that occurred on New Year’s Eve. She said the fire actually could be blamed on a cheap wiring job that the landlord did. The Rochester Fire Department confirmed that the fire was because of faulty wiring, and the landlord did not comment on that either.

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