Lizzo Credits Beyoncé As Her ‘North Star’

June 30, 2022

In her latest appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Lizzo spoke on Carpool Karaoke, crediting Beyoncé with giving her confidence. It all started with their ride singing Lizzo’s hit single “Good As Hell.” During the ride, Corden and the audience were treated to an impromptu flute solo by Lizzo, in which she disclosed that she named her instrument Sasha Floot after Beyoncé’s alter ego Sasha Fierce.

Lizzo stated; “When I was shyer when I didn’t think I was cool, and when I was getting picked on, I would listen to Beyoncé in my bedroom, and it would transport me. I would feel something. I would feel my life is gonna be better. There’s hope for me.”

Check out her Carpool Karaoke appearance below:

Source: BET

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