Lin-Manuel Miranda Apologizes for Lack of Representation in ‘In The Heights’

June 17, 2021

“In The Heights,” a musical that was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and initially opened on Broadway in 2008, was released in theaters and HBO Max last week. This highly anticipated film captures the essence of experiencing life in Washington Heights, Manhattan as an Afro-Latino. The film tackles issues, imposter syndrome, and being the first in the family to accomplish certain goals. Despite the excitement of this film, critics said that the story is centered around light-skinned cast members and dark-skinned Afro-Latinos are in the background. Lin-Manuel Miranda issued for the lack of African Latino representation on Twitter:

“In The Heights” had an underwhelming box-office opening, where the film had only grossed $11.4 million. Despite the film being streamed on HBO Max, Box Office Pro’s chief analyst Shawn Robbins says this is not to blame for the in-theatre shortcoming.

Source: BET

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