Lil Nas X Teams With MSCHF To Release Bloody Nike’s

March 30, 2021

Word is, Lil Nas x has partnered with this company that takes pride in going against the grain and pushing boundaries as they strategize marketing for a footwear creation.

The release coincides with the concept in X’s latest music video “Montero”. In the video, he manipulates Satan and steals his horns. Apparently, both sides of this business adventure enjoy poking fun at people’s sensitive nature.
Once the video dropped, MSCHF, via the website, announced the release of infernal Nike sneakers containing a drop of human blood mixed in the paint on March 29th. They happen to be Nike Air Max 97’s.
It’s predicted the sneaker will sell out, especially since the company is only producing 666 pair for the public.
Nothing sells like sex and controversy. The MSCHF company (text-slang for mischief) is known for creating absurd and cynical products that spread quickly across the internet for that very reason.