LeBron James Instagram Post About Black Women Has Some ‘In Their Feelings’

LeBron James post about POWERFUL black women on his Instagram has some caucasian folks literally in their feelings. 

Now, I’ll admit I did not like LeBron James for a very long time however, his evolution behind the scenes and as an athlete has shifted my perspective.

What King James has done off the court and on the court in my eyes makes him one of the greatest athletes of our time and of all time.

Say what you want nothing can take away from the fact this man is GREATNESS.

Okay, so back to this post lol

LeBron took to Instagram to express his sentiments on the fact that black women are dominating magazines covers, fashion, and pop culture.

He is proud that his daughter has beautiful examples and amazing inspirations but some caucasians, no, a lot of caucasians are pissed and calling King James racist.

*sigh* smh