Lawmakers Push to Allow Alcohol Sales in Movie Theaters

December 3, 2019

Written by Jasmine

Have you ever wanted to go to a movie theater to catch a great film, eat some great popcorn AND have a cocktail? Well, this dream may actually be turning into reality for movie theaters in New York state.

A state bill, which has actually been in the works for years, would allow movie theaters to sell alcohol, as long as it’s not during the showing of G or PG rated movies. Some movie theaters are already on this wave, but with the way the current law is written these particular theaters have to be classified as restaurants. This new bill would eliminate this need, as well as boost the movie theater business.

New York State Senator Patrick Gallivan has gone on record to say, “I think this is something that’s very critical in the legislature, in the Assembly, in particular, is missing the point that some of our local theaters in small towns, the Aurora Theater in particular in my district, and there’s many across the state, are struggling for their existence, and this is something that will help them stay alive as a small business, and will help these small communities, the Main Streets in these small communities have businesses that can succeed.”

This bill will be under review when lawmakers return to Albany in January.

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