Law Firm Contest Is Offering Free Divorce Representation

January 29, 2020

Valentine’s Day is coming up and a lot of women love to get candy flowers and jewelry. Well a law office in Tennessee is offering something much way more expensive.

The law offices of W. Scott Kimberly is holding a contest and the winner selected will win a free divorce representation in court.  We all know divorces can be messy and very expensive. The law firm made it clear that winners must pay for the court cost and filling fees. Let the games begin!
In a news statement the law office says “Valentine’s Day is another day to remind someone that they’re trapped in a relationship I do not wanna be in for many different reasons”.
Now this is the third year the law firm has done this contest the deadline to enter is on February 14th Valentine’s day and the winner will be selected on February 17th.
Now this contest is Tennessee residents only so don’t get any ideas. Great way to market their law firm and build a huge data base.

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