Lab-Grown Chicken Nuggets Are A Real Thing

December 3, 2020

Here is a good Throwback Thursday story for you.. Well, kind of.

Most kids love chicken nuggets and growing up I know I had my fair share. This is where you insert “growing up we had real chicken for chicken nuggets” lol. In Singapore, they just approved lab-grown chicken nuggets!

Yes, lab-grown meat in a petri dish. Also known as cultured meat, slaughter-free meat, and clean meat.

They take stem cells from an animal and let it grow in a petri dish until it becomes flesh and muscle. You have gotta love science!

This will be the first time ever that lab-grown meat has been approved for sale by any food regulatory agency. The Singapore Food Agency passed the chicken bites for the brand Good Meat.

Would you eat lab-grown chicken nuggets?

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