Kodak Black Released On $20,000 Bail

April 19, 2019

Rapper Kodak Black was released from prison on Thursday on a $20,000 bail following his arrest on Wednesday evening.While crossing the U.S. Canadian border at the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge he and three other men were detained by U.S. Border and Customs Protection. Black’s Cadillac Escalade was searched along with an accompanying Porsche.

Police allegedly recovered marijuana and a Glock 9mm pistol in the Escalade and two loaded handguns, a third undeclared weapon and additional marijuana in the Porsche. All men were taken into custody.

Kodak Black was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of marijuana. He is set to appear in court in May. Due to this arrest Black was forced to cancel two of his shows in Boston.

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