Kevin Hart's Friend Of 15 Years Arrested For The Attempted Sex Video Extortion

May 3, 2018

The person who tried to get Kevin Hart to pay money for a sex video has been arrested and it turns out it was someone very close to Mr. Hart like BFF close. 
41 year old Johnathan Todd Jackson who has been friends with Kevin for 15 years was arrested Wednesday and charged with attempted extortion and extortion by threatening letter by L.A. County prosecutors.
As you may remember back in September Kevin Hart came clean on his Instagram apologizing for cheating on his wife who was pregnant at the time saying “it was a sh**ty thing to do” and it was “a bad error in judgement.”
Prosecutors say J.T. tried to extort Kevin back in August and then tried to sell the video to gossip blog sites.
J.T. costarred with Kevin Hart in “Think Like A Man Too” and he attended Kevin’s bachelor party.

#Frontliners what would you do if your best friend set you up to extort you?
Source: USA Today

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