Keeping His Promise, J.Cole Attends Fan’s College Graduation

May 13, 2022

J. Cole has proven time and again that he is a man of his word, and now he has proven it again after keeping his promise that he would attend one of his fans’ college graduation ceremonies! Class of 2022 Rowan University graduate Cierra Bosarge shared in a recent interview, Bosarge shared that she first spoke to Cole back in 2013 after calling into a radio station requesting her dream for the artist to wish her a happy birthday. Three months later, Bosarge received a surprise phone call from Cole who also invited her to meet him in person.

She wrote a letter and gave it to Cole, stating: “In the letter it says all I went through, With being adopted, my parents being hooked on drugs, in and out of prison. At the time both parents were in prison so I asked him could he come to my graduation since they can’t.”

Source: BET