Hope Filled Media Inc. is now casting the lead role for a movie filming in Rochester, NY.

Job Title: Actor with musical talent

Minimum Requirements

Black male age 10-16 who can play guitar. Non-actors with big personality are welcome to apply! To apply: Email photo, name, age and link to video showing guitar skills to JRGalacticNY@gmail.com SUBJ: JAYLEN About the Role: [JAYLEN PERCY / LEAD] 10 to 16 years old, African, Black/African American, Mixed Ethnicity, Native American Indian male. A self-taught guitar player from a broken home. He's a product of the streets, poor, hungry but not yet beaten. His eyes are still fueled by optimism and youth. His parents are both absent from his life and his older brother who is gang affiliated. Storyline: An inspirational drama about a boy (JAYLEN) who uses his love of guitar playing to make a better life for himself and his older brother. His forms an unlikely alliance with a skeptical music store owner (MILES) who never reached his full potential as a musician. MILES takes JAYLEN under his wing and together they find hope for a brighter future. Learn more about the production company here https://hopefilledmedia.com