Jennifer Hudson Cast For Leading Role In ‘Respect’

July 4, 2020

American Idol champion and Oscar winning singer Jennifer Hudson will be playing the part of Aretha Franklin in the movie ‘Respect’, directed by Liesl Tommy.

Hudson says she is beside herself, even after having opened for Aretha Franklin in Merriville, Indiana and paying tribute to her over the years, she still says: “every time is like the first time.”

In regards to Hudson paying tribute to the Queen of Soul, Director Lisel Tommy commented:

“Jennifer may be one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with, we were both so humbled by the task that we just agreed that there would be no ego in the process and that Aretha would be the diva in the room at all times, not us.”

‘Respect” tells the story of Aretha Franklin’s career from her childhood to becoming a superstar and will be released in December.


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