Jay-Z: The Most Grammy Nominated Artist Ever

November 25, 2021

He may have 99 problems, but the Grammy’s is not one of them. Jay-Z has made history as being the most Grammy-nominated artist ever. This news follows after the 2022 nominations were announced earlier this week. Jay-Z secured one nomination for Album of the Year for his contribution on Kanye West’s DONDA, as well as two for Best Rap Song for his work on West’s “Jail,” and DMX’s “Bath Salts.”

These nominations were enough to put Jay-Z ahead of everyone at 83 nominations over the course of his career. Jay-Z now joins his wife Beyoncé in the Grammy “hall of fame.” She became the recipient of the most Grammys of any artist, as well as the most of any female artist at the 2021 Grammy Award ceremony with four wins bringing her total to 28 throughout her career.

Source: BET

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