Jay-Z Suing Mississippi Department Of Corrections

January 16, 2020


Alex Spiro, the attorney for Jay-Z filled a lawsuit on Tuesday after complaints from 29 inmates. The 29 prisoners say two officials Pelicia Hall the DOC Commissioner and Marshall Turner the Mississippi State Penitentiary Superintendent have not done anything to stop the recent violence that has claimed the lives of five inmates within the past two weeks.

The lawsuit names three inmates killed this year.

On January 9th Spiro sent a letter to the Mississippi Governor and Pelicia Hall on behalf of Jay-Z  and Yo Gotti saying they are “prepared to pursue all potential avenues to obtain relief for the people living in Mississippi’s prisons and their families.”

The letter also states “This unthinkable spate of deaths is the culmination of years of severe understaffing and neglect at Mississippi’s prisons,” and is concluded with “Roc Nation and its philanthropic arm, Team Roc, demand that Mississippi take immediate steps to remedy this intolerable situation.”

Roc Nation is an entertainment agency founded in 2008 by Rap Mogul Jay-Z.

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