Jam Squad Recap: Caribbean Heritage Restaurant

August 15, 2019

Written by Taylor

On Saturday, August 10th Rochester was able to experience once again the colorful and amazing Caribbean Festival, or in this case the Carifest. This festival promotes the amazing culture of anyone and everyone who is Caribbean. This is done through food, dancing, colorful outfits, floats and more.

The WDKX Jam Squad visited Caribbean Heritage Restaurant, their environment was not only welcoming but so was the staff. The food especially came out fresh and delicious. A special guest appearance was also made by Tarrus Riley and Rupee. Their spirit definitely added to the environment of the restaurant and getting a taste of the music, food, and originality Caribbean culture has to offer.

⬆⬆ Tarrus Riley in the Caribbean Heritage Restaurant kitchen submitting his order to Jerome Underwood.


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