Jacob Copeland's Mom Walks Off Camera After He Commits To Florida

February 8, 2018

5th ranked Wideout and number 40 overall prospect Jacob Copeland made the decision to commit to Florida and his mom was visibly NOT happy. She was so upset she walked out while the cameras were rolling and left her son sitting there.  
The video is tough to watch even though the mom did eventually come back and she hugged it out with her son who was in tears.
What this mom did in the moment because she did not get what she wanted can never be taken back.
Sometimes no matter what you think is best, what you want, or how you want someone to live their life it may not be the best choice or best way for that person to live according to them.
You can not live someone else’s life even if they are your child. At some point they have to do what’s best for them and the one thing you can do that will mean the most is be there to provide support.

Lesson of the day never EVER leave anyone in the moments they need you the most!

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