It Goes Down in the DM: Instagram Model Helps Women Catch Cheating Boyfriends

December 17, 2020

Fellas be careful when responding to messages from random beautiful women so obviously out of your league, it might be a trap.
If you’re in a relationship, should you be entertaining other people?
A model from California is helping women catch their cheating boyfriends by sliding into their DMs on Instagram.
The woman identified as Paige Woolen has over 200,000 followers on her  account. She slides into the DMs of women’s boyfriends who they suspect are cheaters to see if she can catch them in the act.
If these men bite the bait she’s screenshots the messages and forwards it to the girlfriends.
The news article doesn’t say if she gets paid to catch these cheating boyfriends but I’m pretty sure she can charge for her service.

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