Is Kim Jong Un Dead, Alive, Or Just Taking A Break?

April 27, 2020

Reportedly North Korea leader, Kim Jong Un, died but other reports claim, he’s not really dead.

No one really knows.

If you are following all of the reports from media outlets across the globe, it was first reported Kim Jong Un may have died due to complications from heart surgery. Speculations of his health began after he did not show up to a key state holiday celebrating his grandfather birthday on April 15.Kim Jong Un has not been in public since a few days before that where he attended a meeting.


Now, according to,reports are saying he is not dead. He is reportedly, alive and well.

Call me crazy but didn’t he “disappear” from media coverage a few years back and we went through this exact same thing? Or maybe he is in isolation because of the coronavirus and does not want any media coverage.

Where is the world is Kim Jong Un?!

Can we just please focus on this virus so we can get off of this punishment from Mother Nature.

Anyway, enough of my rant.

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