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One of my favorite new shows just wrapped its first season last night. ‘Insecure,’ by Issa Rae is by far one of the more intellectually comedic shows on TV right now. Its fun, real, and relatable. Too relatable at times, if you ask me. Some of the conversations she has with her friends on the show are practically verbatim to convos my friends and I have about love, life, and everything in between. Even her thought process, it sounds like she’s been reading passages out of my journal for show ideas. Maybe that’s why every Sunday at 10:30p I’ve been consumed with Issa’s adventures as she stumbles through her late 20’s.

“and tell your dad black women aren’t bitter… they’re just tired of being expected to settle for less”

This entire season has had me at the edge of my couch, anxiously anticipating what each character would do next. From career to romantic situations each character has evoked an essence of realness that makes the show believable. I’ve found myself screaming at the TV many times in hopes of stopping them from making bad choices before its too late (like they can hear me):

*”No girl don’t do it!! He’s not worth it!”*

*”Damnn Daniel”*

*”C’mon Molly get it together!”*

*”Stop Lawrence, nooo! You’re just being vindictive! Are you kidding me?!?”*



Oh lawd and then this season finale! Ugh!!!  I still can’t believe Lawrence. Like I get it, she cheated but ya’ll couldn’t work it out?! I mean you were just sitting around for a long ass time not doing anything… Yes, what she did was wrong or whatever and she should’ve been open with you but like… If you cheated on her would you expect her to stick by you like your boys were talking about or would you expect her to walk away? hmm? HMM?? I want to know Lawrence! & the bank teller! C’mon maybe don’t be so predictable.. and in your home!!! Ohhh so disrespectful!

See, this show gets me all worked up! I cannot wait for Season 2!! You just have to watch it for yourself! Let us know what you think of it!


Q4U: Is cheating a deal breaker for you or would you be willing to work through it together?




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