In Case You Missed Mayor Lovely Warren Announcing Buffalo Bills Draft Pick

May 2, 2019

Check out Mayor Lovely Warren announcing the Buffalo Bills sixth round pick for the NFL Draft.

The reason Rochester was selected to announce the 181 draft pick is the “NFL 100”, a celebration of the National Football Leagues 100th season and the original towns. Rochester was one of the 14 cities to have a team play in the inaugural season of the NFL – The Rochester Jeffersons.

First of all who knew Rochester, NY had a NFL team!

The Rochester Jeffersons which started as a sandlot football team in 1898 joined the National Football League on September 17, 1920. In 1925 the Rochester Jeffersons attempted to sign one of the biggest names in football at that time Red Grange but he went to the Chicago Bears and that would ultimately become the end of the Rochester Jeffersons.

What’s interesting is one of the reasons the team could not sustain financially, according to is the people of Rochester did not support the hometown team.


Video Source: Democrat and Chronicle YouTube

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