If You Like Animals BBC America Dynasties The Painted Wolf Is A Must Watch

February 11, 2019

If you like to learn about different things, love animals and nature you absolutely have to check out BBC America series Dynasties The Painted Wolf.

Over the weekend I came across this show and was captivated by it. I really don’t know what made me watch it but I ended up actually watching it twice it was that fascinating.

It had family drama, amazing battle scenes, love, a hero, a bad ass Queen, and losses. Wait a minute this sounds like Game of Thrones lol. Well, in a way it was. 

The story of the Painted Wolves is about the journey and battle between one family the matriarch Tait and her daughter, Blacktip who has her own family and territory.

Tait has kept the peace but Blacktip’s family has grown bigger so she has to expand her territory to ensure survival for her and her pack so she sets out to take over her mother Tait’s territory.

Sounds crazy right!

But what completely blew my mind was how the Painted Wolves will not leave one of their own to die like most animals in the African wild. They will protect and feed their injured until they are healthy again. They also are led by the alpha female and the alpha female is the only one in the pack who has pups with one single alpha male.

They even have a kind of singing ritual to select a new alpha female almost like Lion King I’m not kidding.

Dynasties comes on Saturday’s at 9pm on BBC America.

Here is a clip.

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