Hurricane Sally Floods Most Of Pensacola County With 30 Inches Of Rain

September 17, 2020

Hurricane Sandy’s Floodwaters by the Florida-Alabama line have trapped hundreds of people and authorities are worried more people could be in danger in the next few days.

According to Ginny Cranor, chief of the Pensacola Fire Department,

“We had 30 inches of rain in Pensacola — 30-plus inches of rain — which is four months of rain in four hours.”

When Sally made landfall, she was considered a Category 2 hurricane but has since weakened.

Robert Bender, commissioner in Escambia County, Florida said:

“We are still in an evaluation and lifesaving recovery mission, and we need to be able to do that job.”

In Escambia County, more than 350 people had to be rescued from flooded neighborhoods.

Sally is forecasted to continue northeastward through Alabama and the center is expected to arrive in Georgia and South Carolina on Thursday.